Seminar in Spain 2004

Seminar Spain 200419-11-2004:
On the 12th of November Dai-Sifu Sergio Iadarola assisted by the German chief instructor Sifu Andreas Bengez hold a seminar in the spanish capital of Madrid.
Shocking the almost 100 participants with a mix of realistic fighting training, the correct use of the chainpunches, stopping wrestling attackes and WingTjun history, where Dai-Sifu Iadarola explained the story from the shaolin temple, Dai Duk Lan, GM Wai Yan, Gm Yip Man, etc.
sifu Alfredo, sifu Sergio and Sifu Andreas Bengez
The next day Dai-Sifu held an interview with the Spanish magazine «Artes Guerreras» in which he will appear on the front cover. The interview was shocking for the reporter as said by himself and deals were made of appearing every month with an article. The IWKA likes to thank him for his help in promoting the association and the truth in the future.