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Summer Camp in Rome 2005.

Summer Camp in Rome 2005.

29-06-2005: Called by many one of the greatest events in the history of martial arts the first IWKA summer camp lies in the past and is ready to be repeated next year due to its overwhelming success. About 200 students and teachers got together the 24th, 25th

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Seminar in Spain 2005

15-04-2005: Grandmaster Flavio Behring was a special guest this month at dai-sifu’s residence to prepare him and his personal assistant Cesario Di Domenico for their future job. The IWKA division of the grandmaster Flavio Behring jiu jitsu system is going to be launched at the beginning of

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Welcome Switzerland!.

14-02-2005: The IWKA is happy to welcome Switzerland to it’s family. Please contact the Chief Instructor Master Sifu Massimo Fiorentini, the Coordinator Francesco Fonte or Fausto Mezzi (0041-788198507) directly for more information.

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Dai-Sifu in Hong Kong 2004.

13-01-2005: From the 17th till the 21th of December GM Sergio Iadarola together with GM Andreas Hoffman and Lai Wing, one of the instructors of the HQ, went to Hong Kong. During the trip they met up with Hung Gar GM Chiu Chi Ling and former Shaw

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