What is Wing Tjun ?

history01The Wing Tjun system is self defense in its most efficient and consistent form. Your own physical strength or prior abilities need not be the decisive factor in a threatening situation.
The young or physically weak are always the first targets of aggressors. However, ANY person without major physical disabilities can gain self confidence and a level of fitness which will increase their self defense abilities by 500%.

Wing Tjun training will teach you to direct the force of an attack against the attacker, i.e. to ‘borrow’ the energy of the attacker, ‘charging up’ one’s own body and then effortlessly redirecting the energy back against its source. The Wing Tjun system is one of the very few self defence systems that prepare you for every phase of a fight, using feet, fists, elbows and knees. Instead of retreating, a Wing Tjun student will advance and glue themselves to their assailant, rendering them unable to continue their attack. This proximity, combined with well-defined movements, will force the attacker into a helpless position.

Advanced Wing Tjun students turn into an instant nightmare for any aggressor.

What is the Ritual Fighting Program?
The Ritual Fighting Program (RFP) deals with a much neglected type of combat which occurs everywhere many thousands of times each year, with many serious injuries and even fatalities. In this form of ritual combat the typical martial artist almost always comes off second-best against the unscrupulous street thug.

The RFP explains why, describes atavistic rituals and phases of these one-sided, five-second fights and teaches how the situation can be defused by visual and verbal means or body language.

However there are certain people, e.g. acting under the influence of alcohol or drugs, who can only be stopped by even greater violence.

The RFP programs are the ultimate response to such threat. The program which has been tried and tested by elite police unites and consist of just a few highly effective Wing Tjun techniques which will rapidly put an attacker out of action.