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Response to the interview in Kampfkunst-Budo

27-07-2002: Although I didn’t want to respond, to such a ridiculous interview, demands from my students have forced me to do so. so let me clarify some points 1. I never said I created the IWKA together or with permission of GM Leung Ting. I just referred

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Removed pictures

26-04-2002: As many visitors might have noticed. I have removed some pictures from this website. What happened? On the 10th of April 2002 I received a letter, in German no less – since the site is in English, they could at least have had the decency to

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Notes on some accusations

04-01-2002: It’s funny to see that the opening of the site already generated a violent response from the Dutch branch of the EWTO. It is almost as if Sifu Frank Schäfer feels attacked. Of course I could (and would like to) ignore the whole thing, but I

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