Notes on some accusations

It’s funny to see that the opening of the site already generated a violent response from the Dutch branch of the EWTO.

It is almost as if Sifu Frank Schäfer feels attacked. Of course I could (and would like to) ignore the whole thing, but I think the international community (not to mention my students) is expecting something more. I will try to explain some of the accusations he makes in his statement (, especially the ones regarding the most recent developments. Since I don’t want a mud fight.

I hope sifu Schäfer will not misinterpret this as ‘another personal attack’ or an attempt to ‘steal’ his students.

After GGM Yip Man died, a lot of people claimed to be his successor, the only one with the whole, genuine system, etc. Being one among many, how difficult it was (and is) for GGM Leung Ting to prove that he was indeed the only one. In this age, where pictures and video cameras are common goods, it is a lot easier. As such, my proof is irrefutable.

Sifu Schäfer doubts whether it’s possible to learn so much in a relatively short time (70 lessons). Everyone knows that WT is a relatively simple system with as few moves as possible, “less is more”. So why should one takes ages to complete the training? GGM Leung Ting told me, and wrote in his book “Roots of Wing Tsun” (page 165 and 179), that he got 72 (1hour) lessons + one extra evening 2 years later to finish the last part of the dummy.

He learned the Bart Cham Dao in 6 days just before ggm Yip Man died. Going to his yee-si-hing(second elder kung fu brother) Kwok Keungs house twice a week, for a period of 9 months, to receive one hour of private tuition from ggm Yip Man resulted in a total of 72 hours. Now where is the catch? GGM Leung Ting had already studied WT with SiFu Leung Sheung for 6 years, learning most of the unarmed system. So the lessons with Yip Man were for most part corrections, and not the learning of a whole system. The same thing goes for me: I had already studied WT for 10 years, and finished the unarmed system with Sihing Slavko Truntic, so the lessons with GM Leung Ting were also mostly corrections.

Why did I ‘promote’ myself from 2nd Technician to 7th Practician? Before GGM Leung Ting there were no grades at all. One learned and only prowess distinguished the students. So when I had learned the whole WT system I let gm Allan Fong test me to see what level I was worth. As you can see on this site, he awarded me the 7th degree. Let us not forget that GGM Leung Ting gave himself the 10th degree of WT, when he started his own organization.

Sifu Schäfer’s information about GM Allan Fong is incorrect. He wasn’t «kicked out [of the IWTMAA] in 1984», but voluntarily left in around 1988, with an official 6th Degree.

By the way GM Allan Fong finished the whole system in private with GGM Leung Ting the last evening before he left for the US in 1983 and that’s what counts.

Hopefully this clarifies some of the issues raised by Sifu Schäfer, who is always welcome to check my skills, and whom I wish a long and happy life.

Peace to all,

Sifu Sergio Iadarola