In the yip man wing tjun system there are six forms these are the:

SIU NIM TAU (the little idea form)
This form is a relatively new form created during the red boats period or according to latest research its even possible that it was created later by DR Leung Jan. This form is a very simple and basic form containing the so called seeds of the system the late GM Yip Man used to say ” SIU NIM TAU” not good wing tjun not good.

CHAM KIU (seeking arms form)
In the chi sim system known as the sinking the ridge form.
The 2 form of the Yip Man system concentrating mainly on defending movements, and introducing steps and 3 kicking methods.

BIU TZE (thrusting fingers form)
This is the most advanced form of the Yip Man wing tjun system in the old times it was said that this form never leaves the house, that meant that only very close and advanced students were able to learn this form, which introduces the student to the principle the best defence is an attack, several elbow, finger and throwing techniques are learned in this form.

MOOK YAN CHONG (wooden dummy form)
In the Yip Man wing tjun system there is only one form consisting of 116 movements, this form teaches the student new stepping techniques and several new kicking techniques. The form taught in the IWKA is the latest form GM Yip Man taught during the last period of his life in other associations you can find the 108 version of the form which the late GM Yip Man taught during his earlier years in Hong Kong.

The late GM Yip Man also taught a 148 movements form during a period of his life consisting of some extra kicking techniques which he learned in Dai Duk Lan the mekka of Chi Sim Wing Tjun. In the IWKA you can learn this kicking techniques as part of the Chi Sim Wing Tjun curriculum as that is were it originated from in the first place.

LUK DIM POON KWAN (six and a half point pole)
The Yip Man pole form is a short form consisting of movements GM Yip Man learned from either his sifu Chan Wha Sun, his sihing Ng Chung So or in Dai Duk Lan from observing The late GM Tang Yick.

BART CHAM DAO (eight slashing broadswords form)
This last form of the yip man wing tjun curriculum, is a form GM Yip Man created probably by itself with the help of some of the Grandmasters from Dai Duk Lan. (note that in whole china in all the different lineages of Wing Tjun we do not find the bart cham dao form not even by his own sifu Chan Wha Sun it exists only in the Lineages coming from GM Yip Man and onwards). This form consists of 8 sections dealing with different kind of weapons and introduces the seven star footwork (also found in the Chong Kuen form of the Tang family in the Chi Sim Wing Tjun system)