Response to the interview in Kampfkunst-Budo

Although I didn’t want to respond, to such a ridiculous interview, demands from my students have forced me to do so. so let me clarify some points

1. I never said I created the IWKA together or with permission of GM Leung Ting. I just referred to him as my teacher and Sigung for without the knowledge he passed on to me the IWKA wouldn’t exist.

2. No, it was not possible for me to learn up the whole system in 70 hours, they are absolutely right, I didn’t learn the whole Wing Tjun system in 70 private lessons.

They forgot to mention that i had already learned up the whole unarmed system in about 10 years prior to the 70 hours of private lessons in which I was corrected and rectified on all my sections and forms so you could say that in those 70 hours.

I didn’t learned any new techniques but big corrections were made