Removed pictures

As many visitors might have noticed. I have removed some pictures from this website.

What happened? On the 10th of April 2002 I received a letter, in German no less – since the site is in English, they could at least have had the decency to write it in English, from the attorneys of Mr.Keith Kernspecht, stating “within 1 week I had to remove all the pictures of me with GM Leung Ting whether during private lesson or during diner plus all the pictures of Sifu Kernspecht showing him as a beginner with his Sihing Allan Fong.

As all of the pictures are taken either by me or my girlfriend, with my camera (I have all the negatives) and with the consent of the people on them, it is clear that the real issue here is not so much the pictures themselves, but the threat of a lawsuit which could take many years, and could cost lots of money.

Battling with the established organization of Mr. Kernspecht is not really an option for me at this point. My organization is still in his infancy, and I would rather spend my money on building up or teaching at schools, than quarrelling over nothing, discrediting the name of our wonderful martial art.
Too bad Mr Kernspecht does not live by his own words, as he said in the last issue of WT Welt:
«Ich hege keinen Groll (mehr) gegen irgendjemand, der sich von uns getrennt hat oder von dem wir uns getrennt haben.»
(Wing Tsun WELT 25 page 128) («I will bear no grudge against people who left our organisation or those who we asked to leave.»)

Apparently it’s not possible to get along friendly. I have given the attorneys of Mr Kernspecht time to prove I’m breaking any copyright laws. If not, I will put the pictures back on the site. So, for the time being, the only way for people to see the pictures is to come to my school and see them ‘live.’