Dai-Sifu in Hong Kong 2004.

From the 17th till the 21th of December GM Sergio Iadarola together with GM Andreas Hoffman and Lai Wing, one of the instructors of the HQ, went to Hong Kong. During the trip they met up with Hung Gar GM Chiu Chi Ling and former Shaw Brothers KungFu movie star Kwan Fung. Both are close friends of GM Hoffman.
GM Chiu Chi Ling was very happy to see his old friend and took time of from his busy schedule to spend time with the European trio. GM Chiu Chi Ling is featured in the new Hong Kong KungFu Blockbuster Movie KUNGFU HUSTLE.
During the evening hours long discussions were held concerning the history of Hung Gar and its corralation to Weng Chun. GM Chiu Chi Ling also talked about GM Leung Ting who is one of his closest friends in Hong Kong and invited GM Sergio Iadarola and GM Hoffman to a big international Hung Gar KungFu manifestation in Italy to perform some Demos.
GM Sergio Iadarola was extremely happy to be back in Hong Kong after an absence of nearly 3 years.

For pictures of the trip have a look at the corresponding gallery entry