Seminar in Spain 2005

Flavio Behring with sifu Sergio15-04-2005:
Grandmaster Flavio Behring was a special guest this month at dai-sifu’s residence to prepare him and his personal assistant Cesario Di Domenico for their future job. The IWKA division of the grandmaster Flavio Behring jiu jitsu system is going to be launched at the beginning of May.
The special IWKA-jiu jitsu logo is being developed as we speak. It has been three weeks of intensive private lessons every day from the grandmaster personally to fine tune their skills.

flaviobigAfter that the grandmaster and dai-sifu went to the capitol of Spain, Madrid, to give a joint seminar on Behring jiu jitsu and weng chun. Special guest at this event was world black belt jiu jitsu champion, Fabricio Werdum, who also won Abu Dabi and recently celebrated his victory at his pride debute. Werdum accepted his new position within the IWKA as the Spanish chief instructor of the IWKA division of Behring jiu jitsu.
The seminars were a great succes with over a 120 people attending in total. Special thanks goes out to Santiago, for giving the front cover and several pages in his magazine Artes Guerras. On sunday evening the grandmaster and dai-sifu, together with the Spanish chief instructor Alfredo Valia Jort were invited for a special dinner at the house of pride star Fabricio Werdum, were grandmaster Flavio Behring observed the last fight of Fabricio in pride and pointed out several details which will help him in his next fight.
In May grandmaster Behring and dai-sifu Iadarola are going to visit the training camp of Fabricio in Croatia were they alo will meet with another pride star, and training partner of Fabricio, thai boxer Mirko Cro Cop.
Great things are expected for the future of the IWKA!