Dai-Sifu’s Brazilian Tour.

from Brazil28-10-2004:
From the 12th to 22nd of October Dai-Sifu Iadarola and Sifu Cesario Di Domenico one of the Italian coordinators visited Brazil to give an instructors’ seminar in WingTjun by Sihing Jason Lopes and his instructors team in the city of Belo Horizonte which with its 3 million inhabitants is one of the biggest cities in Brazil. The atmosphere was top notch and Dai-Sifu was happy to see the motivation and intensity of training of the Brazilians.
After the 3 days seminar Dai-Sifu and Sifu Cesario set off for Rio de Janeiro to establish friendships and train with Brazil’s top fighters like Marrio Sperry, Ricardo Arona, Nogeira (Minotauro) of Brazilian top team.
Royler Gracie of Gracie Humaita and brother of Rickson and Carlinhos Gracie of Gracie Barra (son of Carlos Gracie) Dai-Sifu and Sifu Cesario trained together for over 4 hours each day and really enjoyed the Brazilian culture and ambiance.
The future of IWKA Brazil looks strong and healthy!
P.S.: Chief Instructor Alfredo Valia Jort is shown on the cover of a Spanish martial arts magazine!