2 days in Lecce Italy

flag Italy01-06-2008:

On the 31th of may and the first of June GM Sergio Iadarola visited his master student in Yip Man Wing Tjun, Master Emmanuele Fracella 5th level practician in the beautiful city of Lecce located at the tip of the Italian peninsulas heel. The grandmaster was very happy with the high quality of the students in the Yip Man Wing Tjun system.




The Saturday was reserved for the instructors the Sunday for the students.

seminar Lecce 2008

seminar Lecce 2008

During the seminar the grandmaster was honored by a visit from Gianluca Siciliani pluri 2x Italian Muay Thai champion and practitioner of the ancient Thai martial art Muay Boran, the Italian Muay Thai master studied intensively in Italy under master de Cesaris and went many times to Thailand for training. The muay Thai master came to the seminar to give his respects to GM Sergio Iadarola the two exchanged ideas and a mutual friendship was formed on the basis of modesty, courtesy and respect for each others skill.

Lecce 2008

The grandmaster also had the opportunity to have some fun with some beautiful Italian cars, the Maserati Quattroporte and the 450.000 euro Lamborgini Murcielago, to name a few. As one of the students was Fabrizio Ferrari, the name says it all ;0

Italy 2008