Graduation Amsterdam HQ November 2010

netherlandsflag14-11-2010 On Saturday November the 13th there was a graduation event at the Amsterdam HQ. Due to the busy schedule of Sifu Sergio, this time the event was led by Sihing Michael Morris. He started with an elaboration on the Kung fu family hierarchy, some Chinese terminology was explained, like Sigung (Sifu of your Sifu), Sifu (Kungfu father), Sihing (elder Kungfu brother), Sije (elder Kungfu sister), Sidai (younger Kungfu brother) and Simui (younger Kungfu sister). It’s important for students of Chinese martial arts to realise that respecting the tradition/culture and demonstrating good manners are expected from Kung fu practitioners.

Of course there was also room for some action: Sihing Michael first explained some fundamental theory about personal space, the circle theory and the 5 phases of a (street)fight. Then the students did some highly effective and no nonsense practical drills. Actually, whitout realising this, the students were treated on some advanced woodendummy footwork and kicks! After an intensive conditioning workout and a short break, the actual graduation took place.

At the end of the event there was a very pleasant announcement: on Saturday December the 11th there will be an exciting seminar of 5,5 hours with the Sifu of Sifu Sergio, Sifu Lin Xiang Fuk, FOR IWKA HQ STUDENTS ONLY!! During this seminar Sifu Lin will give an introduction of the secret society Black Flag Wing Chun, which was until 2005 only accessible to people of Chinese origin.

For all students who have passed their exam, congratulations and good luck to you on the way to your Black Belt.
On behalf of Sifu Sergio,
Your Instructors Team