Seminar in Madrid April 2010

flag spain12-04-2010
On the 8th of April the grandmaster of the IWKA sifu Sergio iadarola flew in from Hong Kong to Spain Madrid to give 2 fantastic seminars together with his master team. Sifu Alfredo Valia Jort 6th level Black Belt (practician), Sifu Graziano Di Giorgio 6th level Black Belt (practician) and Sifu Taner Erdogan 6th level Black belt (practician). The first seminar was for the students up to Black Belt, around a hundred students came to this seminar to get inspired by the skills of the grandmaster and his masters. The different programs were explained in great detail and backed up by wonderful demonstrations, the oldest participant at the seminar Luis was 74 years old! Form, chi sao, at sao and conditioning were on the menu and at the end there was the traditional 30 minutes of questions

Later in the evening the special black belt and technician black belt seminar was given, were the students got the chance to learn the ancient structure form of fukien wing chun bak hok the ancestor of the diverse wing chun lineages today.

This form teaches in a very deep way the concepts of fou, cham, tan, to as well as breathing, locking and using of the specific joints.

It was a great time! the rest of the free time was used by sifu Sergio to instruct his master team in the highest programs of the siu lam wing tjun system and enjoying the beautiful city of Madrid.