Grandmaster Sergio Iadarola in the USA

usa flag27-10-2008:
At the end of September Sifu Sergio Iadarola visited the USA (Florida) with his program director Paul Resnick and master students Sifus Graziano di Giorgio and Taner Erdogan to meet up with several important figures from the martial art world in the US. People like: Grandmaster John Rhee 10thDan,
friend and trainings partner of the late Bruce lee. Grandmaster Stephen Hayes 10th Dan famous ninjitsu master and bodyguard of the Dalai Lama Grandmaster Joe Lewis 10th Dan several times world karate full contact champion, friend and trainings partner of the late Bruce Lee to name a few.
The trip was made to study, discuss, and making plans for the first IWKA schools in the USA, the first one will be opened 2009 by Jullian Dove. The Trip was a tremendous success and the next USA Trip is already set for march.