Hong Kong training and research trip 2008

China Flag06-08-2008:
From the 16th of July till the 5th of Aug. the GM of the IWKA Sifu Sergio Iadarola visited Hong Kong for research and training. It was the 16th time he was there since his first time in 1994. This trip was one of the best yet according to him. Here is a glimpse of what happened in the three weeks period.




1. Met and trained with his sifu Cheng Kwong the last master student of the late Sifu Wai Chek Yan.

2. Met and trained with Sifu Tang Chung Pak, successor of the late GM Tang Yick and Sunny So, the last student of GM Tang Yick.

3. Discussed Wing Tjun’s history with them and received several facts that were needed to further complete his research on Dai Dak Lan, GM Yip Man and the connection between them etc. also the still misunderstood understanding of the western translations of the Chinese characters of Eternal and Beautiful and how they came about.

Sifu Sunny So with sifu Sergio

Sifu Sunny So with sifu Sergio











4. Invited by Sensei Sunny So, who besides being a Siu Lam Wing Tjun sifu also is a traditional Okinawan style Karate master,one of the highest in Asia in fact. (6 Dan Shito Ryu) to give a small guest class on Wing Tjun in his Karate school

sifu Sergio with sensei Sunny So

sifu Sergio with sensei Sunny So

















5. Shot 3 new DVDs in Hong Kong and China, Respectively Kamna 2, Elbow and throwing techniques, Street defence. More on this shortly on SifuSergio.com


6. Received important documents and video material from Sifu Cheng Kwong including a certificate and invitation to make a DVD on the topic of the authentic Saam Pai Fat form from the Lo family of Siu Lam Wing Tjun.

7. Invited by Grandmaster Ho Kam Pui of Hung Fat Pai to perform the Saam Pai Fat form at his big celebration party, in front of almost every important Kung Fu grandmaster in Hong Kong of various systems! Present were the top from Hung Kuen, Tang Lang (praying mantis), long yin (dragon style) to name a few.

celebration party celebration party








8. Visited old temples from various Wing Tjun and Hung Kuen families.

in front of the temple












9. Studied Chi Kung under sifu Tang Chung Pak and TAO meditation under sifu Cheng Kwong.













10. Set up a seminar for November with sifu Tang Chung Pak and sifu Sunny So in Amsterdam.

meeting to discus the seminar









11. Decided with sifu Tang Chung Pak and Sifu Sunny So that in honor and respect for the grandmaster’s of Dai Dak Lan a special division in the IWKA will be formed in the advanced classes and master classes on the authentic curriculum of Dai Dak Lan under the name Siu lam Wing Tjun (Shaolin Weng Chun) Namely:

1. Wing Tjun Kuen from GM Tang Yick

2. Luk Dim poon Kwan(six and a half point pole)from GM Tang Yick

3. Chong Kuen from GM Chu chung Man

4. Mook Yan Chong of GM Chu Chung Man

5. Saam Pai Fat of GM Lo Chi Woon.

6. Kwan Chong of Gm Tang Yick.

Like this the students of the IWKA Advanced and master classes can study the authentic system and style exactly how Grandmaster’s Chu Chung Man and Tang Yick envisioned it during the Fifties and Sixties in Dai Dak Lan under the name siu lam Wing Tjun (Shaolin Weng Chun) the system that originates from the abbot Chi Sim from the southern Shaolin Temple.