Events in Amsterdam and Madrid.

The December month was a busy month for the children. There was the visit of “Sinterklaas” and “Zwarte Piet”. Several workshops were held one for “Mokum” events.
And the two other ones were held for ADHD children and for a big IT company by the eternal spring HQ program director Paul Resnick.

At the end of the month 2 seminars were held by the grandmaster of the IWKA. One in Spain by his master student Alfredo Valia Jort. Were about 70 students and 10 Technician Black belts participated. According to master Alfredo Valia Jort it was the best seminar yet in Madrid. You can read the full report in Spanish at

Congratulations to all the new black belts and black belt technicians that passed their tests successfully!
The last seminar this year was held in Amsterdam where the grandmaster went deeper in the philosophical side of Wing Tjun. About 50 people of the basic class passed to their next level also to them congratulations.

We ended the year 2008 with immense growth and we wish everybody Merry Christmas and a Wonderful, Healthy and Happy 2009. gung hei fat choy!!!!