First seminar at the new HQ.

seminar at the HQ Amsterdam07-09-2003:
The first WingTjun seminar at the new HQ was a smashing succes, about 70 students made it to their next level.
Dai-Sifu Iadarola was assisted by Sifu Andreas Bengez 3rd TG from Germany and his wife Simo Tina Bengez 2nd TG, also in attendence were Sihing Pele Nguyen 1st TG, Sihing Lai Wing Hau 1st TG, Sihing Micheal Morris 12th Student level, and Sihing Paul Resnick and Sihing Bas Spaargaren both 1st TG.
Sihing Bahadir Kocer and sihing Freddy Lee both passed their exam for the 12th student level congratulations! The atmosphere was great and everybody was impressed by the new HQ, the future looks bright.