Graduation 8-12-2012


Congratulations to all who passed their exam last week at the Amsterdam IWKA HQ!! (also see the personal congratulations of Sifu Sergio and more pictures on facebook)

The graduation event took place last Saturday the 8th of December. Over 70 students attended this special quarterly event. Sihing Lai-Wing leaded the event, assisted by Sihing Fabian, Sihing Paul, Sihing Wesdi and Sije Linde.

During the graduation event the Sihing’s had the time to go into more depth with some of the extremely effective and efficient applications that the IWKA Wing Tjun system offers.

Increasing the quality of the higher grades and giving the lower grades a ‘sneak preview’ of what is soon to come and also improving their Kung Fu. Needles to say that all participants where very pleased!

Graduation December 8th Amsterdam HQGraduation December 8th Amsterdam HQ

This is always a ‘not to miss event’ and part of your education! If you missed it, make sure you are there next time!!!

After a few hours of hard training it was time for the graduation ceremony to take place. Each student that passed came forward, accompanied by a loud applause, to receive their well deserved certificate that they trained very hard for!

Well done to all, and to all; “you are well on your way to becoming a Black Belt (Sash)!!”.

The Amsterdam IWKA HQ Instructor’s team