Grand Opening Party.

What a day! Not only was it Dai-Sifu’s birthday but also the opening of the new IWKA Headquarters And what a HQ it is! Over 300 square meters of Wing Tjun paradise.The party was a smashing success, over 300 guests enjoyed the party.

Special honorary guests were: GM Chan Chen Cheung of Tao Pai Choy Lee Fat chair man of the chinese association «Fa Yin», Sifu Mark Horten of Hong Ying Choi Lee Fat Leiden , Sifu Henny Eleonora of Zhang Bing Xi Liu He Man Federation and Sihing Dirk Schonweitz.

There were serveral demo’s of exeptional quality to name just a few.

A fantastic Escrima concepts demo of Cesario Di Domenico 2nd TG Escrima Concepts. Simo Tina Bengez with her WingTjun «Charlie’s Angels Style» Sifu Edgar Zimmerman of EWO with his Escrima demo.

Sifu Mark Horten of Choy Lee Fat Kung Fu (private student of GM Doc Fai Wong) with his Hong Ying Demo Team. Sihing Stefan en Misha Berlijn with one of the best WingTjun Demo’s ever seen in Europe and judging by the applause of the public they agreed.

Thanks for the special surprise Lion Dance performed by to the students of Hong Ying Kung Fu School in Leiden, Sifu Mark Horten, Sifu Henny Eleonora and GM Chan Chen Cheung. The Admosfeer was just amazing, special thanks to Asian Kitchen.

Sihing Maurik Ros for the hosting, Sihing Paulo Geradeaux for the Bar-tending, the television Crew «Cine Video» Courtesy of Virgill Brewster and of course last but not least Dai -Sifu Sergio Iadarola for making it all happen!