Grandmaster Allan fong visited sifu Sergio on the 17th till the 21th of November 2006

The 17th till the 21th of November Grandmaster Allan Fong visited Grandmaster Sergio Iadarola to appoint him as the chief instructor for the Chi Sim Wing Tjun (weng chun) department of the Allan fong martial arts association. Grandmaster Allan Fong who was recently awarded the Grandmaster of the year award by the American Budo magazine, was impressed by the depth and effectiveness of the Chi Sim Wing Tjun system even starting to learn it himself which is a great honor and pleasure for Grandmaster Sergio Iadarola.
Grandmaster Allan Fong invited Grandmaster Sergio Iadarola for three Chi Sim Wing Tjun seminars in the USA in 2007.
One in New York, one in Kentucky and one in San Francisco. Dates will follow soon.