International Technician Seminar in Amsterdam.

On September 25th and 26th the IWKA’s first interational Technician Seminar took place at the HQ in Amsterdam. The participants came from the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Spain and Germany.

The seminar began on Saturday morning and Dai-Sifu Sergio Iadarola as usual ensured enthusiasm among the participants. The first day was a mixture of practical training and detailed explanation about WingTjun history. Especially these historical depictions and corresponding comparisons with other systems were very revealing. On that first day Dai-Sifu Sergio also began with the approximately 25 Technician Exams. The practical topic was the implementation of the longpole concepts in Chi Sao.
After the seminar all participants had dinner together. In familiar atmosphere everybody enjoyed the Italian food and talked about their thoughts of WT.
international seminar The next day, Sunday, was dedicated to the Technician Exams even more, for Sifu Sergio had to check programs from 1st to 4th Technician Grade. All other participants were able to work on their Chi Sao skills and to implement the previously learned concepts. Sifu Andreas Bengez from Germany helped them and therefore supported Dai-Sifu Sergio.

After this interesting and exhausting weekend it was finally time for the rewards. All examined participants proudly accepted their Technician Documents.