IWKA WingTjun meets Rickson Gracie jiu jitsu.

Rickson Gracie with sifu Sergio02-07-2004:
As many people may know classical WingTjun is one of the most advanced fighting systems within the first four ranges of combat namely the kicking distance, punching distance, elbow and knee distance and throwing distance. But as statistics show more than 75% of real fights end up on the ground.
It is my opinion that either the fifth distance, which is the ground fighting, was in fact somewhere in the history a part of WingTjun or one of the systems that it descended from.

Or we have to be realistic and admit that maybe WingTjun is not as complete as it should be.
I am very aware of the fact that many masters and grand masters or even technicians will not agree by responding with «If your WingTjun is good you will never end up on the ground!» That may very well be but what if it happens? Maybe you will slip or maybe get pulled on the ground from behind etc. I think that if you reach a certain level in WingTjun you can greatly reduce the 75% of ending on the ground maybe even down to 15% but even then what about that 15%? And there are some wrestlers, shootfighters, catch as catch can hookers, Brazilian jiu jitsu masters who will in turn put the percentage up again. Therefore it is ignorant and utterly stupid to ignore the 5th distance!
Because of that, ground fighting takes an important place in the IWKA and Dai-Sifu Sergio Iadarola has frequently given ground fighting seminars since the beginning of the IWKA.
Just recently Dai-Sifu met with the chief instructor for Rickson Gracie jiu jitsu in Europe, Harold Harder, in the IWKA HQ in Amsterdam to discuss martial art theories, and establish a friendship. Several plans were made regarding a future cooperation. For the people who don’t know: Rickson Gracie is the best Brazilian jiu jitsu master in the world according to even the current world champions.
He is the family champion of the famous Gracie family who are the pioneers of Brazilian jiu jitsu and is undefeated in over 400 documented fights!