May 2011 update



rokmay2011It’s been a very busy time these last few months with fantastic things happening for the IWKA, Sifu Sergio has been hard at work giving seminars all over the world.







Being on the testing committee of one of  his sifu’s Cheng Kwongs graduation events which was a great honour, also the Bond with his chief instructors were tightened and many special meetings took place all for the improvement of the IWKA.

The IWKA is expanding greatly in Asia with the schools in Shenzen (China) Hong Kong, Phuket (Thailand) and Cebu (Philippines) getting more and more interested students, congrats and a big thanks to all the teachers helping to spread our great art.

Furthermore our world Chief instructor Sifu Sergio Iadarola is almost done setting up his Hong Kong Wing Chun Research institute some big names are on board for this project.

.Sifu Sergio Iadarola (IWKA Wing Chun)
.Sifu Dr. Cheung Yong (Yuen Kay San Wing Chun)
.Sifu Sunny So (Tang Yick Wing Chun)
.Sifu David Peterson (Wong Shun Leung Wing Chun)
.Sifu Cliff Ip (Fukien Yong Chun Bak Hok)

to name a few.

Sifu Sergio is also laying the finishing touches on his first book, which will be out within a few months.

The Sifu Sergio YOUTUBE channel  is quickly becoming the number 1 source of Wing Tjun on that platform and we are very grateful for all your support!

The recent research trip in April from Sifu Sergio to Indonesia to delve deeper into the HKB Wing Chun system and visit the Grave of the late GM Kwee King Yang to pay his respects also turned out for the better, finding out that the system is not called Wing Chun there, nor that it has the 3 Wing Chun forms of Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kiu or Biu Tze, in fact the system is called the 18 lohan hands there and is compromised of several ancestor styles of Wing Chun like Tai Zo and Bak Hok as well as the knowledge of the Black Flag secret society Hek Ki Boen.


Good news is that Sifu Sergio is accepted officially as a student of GM Tio Tek Kwie one of the closest students of the late GM Kwee King Yang and is allowed to put the specialised Knowledge officially into the IWKA curriculum!

Bey Logan with Sifu Sergio

Bey Logan with Sifu Sergio

Recently Sifu Sergio Also met up with his old friend Asia Cinema Expert and owner of his own production company Bey Logan, Sifu Sergio hung out with him a lot in Hong Kong during the late 90’s. Bey is a real encyclopaedia on Asian Films and is befriended with the likes of Jacky Chan and Donnie Yen.






And of course last but not least we have the news for you that the opening of the IWKA HQ for Asia in Hong Kong Central has been a success!

Enjoy your training and time within our Kung Fu family!