On the 2nd of November, a very special event was held at the HQ of the IWKA in Amsterdam.

Two of Grandmaster Sergio Iadarola’s teachers Grandmaster Tang Chung Pak and Grandmaster Sunny So came from Hong Kong to hold a seminar, the seminar was on purpose not advertised on the Internet in order to keep it small and exclusive to the members of the HQ and some invited special guests from overseas like the masters of the IWKA.

Nevertheless around 100 people were in attendance and were treated to a great event where Wing Tjun knowledge of the highest quality was shared with the students who were divided into three groups.


The basic and advanced students were taught the Wing Tjun Kuen form(Sap Yat Sao) and its two men sets while the black belts and master students were taught the LUK DIM POON KWAN (the six and a half point pole techniques) in the 2nd academy at Da Costastraat 1.

The expectations for the seminar were wildly exceeded! And thanks goes out from all the students to the three grandmasters