Seminar held in honor of the late Wing Tjun master Bernd Wagner.

Germany flag20-09-2008:
On the 20th and 21th of September sifu Sergio Iadarola gave two seminars by his master students sifu Taner Erdogan and sifu Graziano Di Giorgio at the German HQ in Leonberg.
On Saturday the technician seminar was held, around 27 technicians were taken through their respective programs, many of the technicians present saw the grandmaster of the IWKA at work for the first time and were amazed at his skill and knowledge.

Quotes from the seminar floor were “this was the best seminar I attended in the last ten years its amazing just how much knowledge one man can have about wing tjun, and even better he is willing to share it with us without holding nothing back”.
The seminar was held in honor of the late master Bernd Wagner who sadly passed away not long ago, after reviewing several options most of his students and instructors decided that the IWKA was the best way to go for the future.
Dear sifu Bernd Wagner we will do everything in our power to finish the job you started your students on, that is to make them reach their goal of becoming a wing tjun master.
The Sunday was reserved for the students, around 80 students passed their grades to the next level congratulations to all of you!!!