Seminar in Rodgau – Germany.

Again the seminar by Dai-Sifu Sergio Iadarola at the school of Sifu Andreas Bengez in Rodgau was a great experience. As every time his explanations and demonstrations were on highest level. Furthermore he created an unbelievably familiar and relaxed atmosphere. Sihing Misha and Stefan Berlijn (3rd Technician) supported Dai-Sifu Sergio what was necessary in consideration of the high number of participants.
Sihing Dennis Plock received his 12th Student’s Level, and the highlight were the Technicians afterwards:
Sihing Arnold Ketzler, Sihing Markus Hofbauer, Sihing Steffen Hof, Sihing Thorsten Gobel und Sihing Daniel Zinecker received the 1st Technician Level after most intense testing.