The best seminar in the history of the IWKA 2007

The 22, 23 and 24th of June over 140 students from the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Italy met in the international HQ of the IWKA to take part in what would become one if not the best seminar in the history of the IWKA.

On Friday Grandmaster Sergio Iadarola opened the seminar with the most detailed explanation of the chi sim siu nim tau ever, next the students were treated on never before seen footage of the late grandmaster’s performing wing tjun.
Very rare footage of the late grandmaster Pak Cheung was shown performing the Mook Yan Chong (wooden dummy form) Wing Tjun Kuen form and a version of
the Siu Nim Tau that grandmaster Pak Cheung learned from a student of the late grandmaster Leung Jan.
The next day the students were split up in two groups the student levels 1 till 6 were put in specialized Lat Sao training while the student levels 7 till 12 and the technicians were brought to the newly opened part of the international HQ of the IWKA.
A 120 square foot extra training Kwoon at the other side of the street were the Grandmaster teaches its advanced, leadership and master classes.

The newly opened advanced, leadership and master class academy at the Da Costastraat 1, Amsterdam

Here they trained Chi Sao and were put through some of the spiritual training of Chi Sim Wing Tjun, in the evening most of the students were tested and promoted to their next student level by sihings Micheal Morris, sihing Lai Son Hau and masters Taner Erdogan and Graziano di Giorgio chief instructors for Germany.

The last day was reserved for special throwing techniques of the SAAM BAI FAT form which were masterly demonstrated by sifu Alfredo Valia Jort chief instructor of Spain.

Till next year when the second edition of the eternal spring seminar will be held!