WingTjun meets Weng Chun and Ving Tsun Museum.

Recently Dai-Sifu Iadarola travelled to the world HQ of Weng Chun kung fu in Bamberg, Germany, to meet and talk about WingTjun’s history and roots, and to discuss its concepts, principles, theory and techniques with Weng Chun Grandmaster and official successor Sifu Andreas Hoffman. Also attending the meeting was renowed curator of the VingTsun Museum Sifu Benny Meng who is frequently grazing the covers of famous martial arts magazines such as KungFu Magazine.
Sifu Meng is researching the history of WingTjun for over 20 years and finished several WingTjun systems of the Yip Man lineage (Yip Ching, Moy Yat). Due to his position as curator of the museum he has an amazing amount of knowledge concerning the system and its various interpretations. He even conducted an extensive interview with GM Leung Ting a few years ago about WingTjun’s history.

sifu Meng, sifu sergio and andreas Hoffman
The three masters talked and trained until deep in the night and planned several projects for future cooperation. Sifu Meng also conducted an interview with Dai-Sifu Iadarola about his thougts on Weng Chun and the future of the art.
It were a very special few days for the history of WingTjun as history repeated itself! For its a known fact that GM Yip Man visited his uncle and Weng Chun GM Chu Chung Man often for discussing martial arts theories! (see photo)